The akron, is an advanced base out-post city. (basically a private city that only one brigade of both nations can own. you can only enter this, on the set time on the big tower thing near the color shop, the times are in German, so its GMT+1 and the dates are a little hard to understand it might say: "3 Months 1 Day 20:00", that means it starts at 1 march at 8PM German local time(server time)

The Gameplay:

To win the akron, you must destroy the 'protector' and defend it from the other nation until time runs out, the nation who has protected it at the end, win a box, with a random amount of kits in and 300 war points. The brigade who did the most damage to the protector, wins the area, and can now teleport inside. the brigade leader also gets a leaderchat and his rank is 'Captain Akron'.


How do i get to it to fight?
go to bark city, and then theres a teleport to go up to midair of bark city, and your there.

My brigade did the most damage to the protector, why isn't it becoming ours?
The brigade leader must alt click on it, and activate it.

Credits: Wizzay and Hope

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