You receive killmarks when you bring down an enemy gear. You will NOT get a killmark for duels.

  • Killmarks cannot be traded with other users. They can be sold in shops for a small amount of SPI or they can be used to exchange for EXP points
  • You will neither receive nor lose fame for selling your killmark.
  • The killmark you receive is based on the level of your opponent.

ex ) When you shoot down 40 level gear -> You will receive a killmark of airman,
When you shoot down 70 level gear -> You will receive a killmark of veteran

  • Higher level the killmark is, more money you will get for selling it and the more EXP you will get for using it.
  • Killmarks can now be combined with datacubes to make CPU's. More information will be posted on the forums.

name and lvl of the killmarks:

Name: Lvl:
Killmark of trainee 12 ~ 21
Killmark of junior 22 ~ 31
Killmark of airman 32 ~ 41
Killmark of wingman 42 ~ 51
Killmark of ace 52 ~ 61
Killmark of veteran 62 ~ 71
Killmark of top gun 72 ~ 81
Killmark of wing commander 82 ~ 91
Killmark of hero 92 ~ 100
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