The leader, often referred to as the 'president', is the person who exercises the right of policy, manages the economic side of the nation, and serves as the commander in chief of the military. If one becomes a nation leader, they will receive strong authority, economic help, and a chance to communicate with the other leader 1 on 1 to settle differences. They are responsible for all conflicts as well.

1) Qualifications to become the leader are as follows:
- You must be the leader of a brigade with at least 20 people.
- You must have at least 1,000 personal fame points.
- You must be at least level 60.
• These are general guidelines. For the sake of game balance and for any other reason, GMs reserve the right to bypass these rules at any time. After all, would you want to be in a leaderless nation?

2) Privileges of the leader are as follows:
- The colour of your name is changed to bright green.
- You will receive a special piece of equipment with a unique visual effect and a significant amount of defense. The item is an accessory item, and it cannot be traded or put into the warehouse. The leaders stat bonuses are subject to change at any time.
- You can use the warp shop for free.
- You will receive 10 attack buff items which affect everyone in your nation, and in the same map you're in when you use the item. The effect lasts 30 minutes.
- You will receive 5 items that put the nation into happy hour for two hours.
- You can whisper with the other nations leader.
- You can send messages to the entire nation.
- The leader can detect which maps are being raided from anywhere.
- The leader can post notices onto the electric sign in the cities. To set this message, type in "/noticeboard [minutes] [message]".
- The leader can chat with the entire nation by typing "*[message]".

3) The leader is chosen as follows:
The nation leader is chosen by a voting system where users can appoint themselves as candidates and a date is set for nomination giving everyone a chance to vote. The nations leaders can be viewed on the homepage.

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