Mothership War

The mothership is probably the most important battle there is. when a mothership war starts, text will appear in the chat box that will say:

e.g: Horos will take of in 15 minutes.

Usually this means your nation is going to want to get to the map where the mothership is spawned. while this is happening, you should look for the bright blue text with orders on what to do, this is the leader who gives his nation orders. You should also listen to your brigade leader. the motherships are spawned in two locations. Reynard Beach, (this is where horus spawns, and ANI must defend it, while BCU must attack, and there is Tylent Jungle (this is where Anubis spawns) Where BCU must defend, and ANI must attack.

When the mothership takes off, SP's will spawn all over that nations maps, destroy them so you can take control of the map, and so you don't get towned if you die on maps of the opposite nation.

Other Aspects:

Rushing: The leader will usually call everyone together near a warpgate to rush to the next map, which will probably be camped by the opposite nation. Go on the leader's or subleader's call.

The leader's warpgate: Not a lot of people got this when it was introduced, basically the leader spawns a warpgate, (which has health and the opposite nation can destroy) So when you die, you spawn on the map it was placed on (this is VERY usefull)

Blessing of nation (Leader Buff): by being on the same map as the leader when he uses this, it gives you damage bonus, lasting for 30 mins.

Other Questions:

How and when do motherships spawn?
Take a look at the orange board in your city, there will be a number on there called NCP (National Contri. Point) Every time you kill a member of the oppsite nation, this goes up one. arena get NCP to for winning and loosing. The MS spawns at 100K, 200K, 300K, 400K and 500K.

What level do i have to be?
The lowest level you can be for a MS defense is level 11.
The lowest level you can be for a MS attack, is level 21.
Ideally, you'll want to be the highest level you can obviously.

Help, everyone in my camp just died, was it a hack?
No, this is a skill called big boom, it is used a lot in MS wars, it basically blows everyone up around the area of the
bgear, its a final skill so it's rare.
if you're an mgear with purify, then you can use your purify to stop the big boom.

credits: Hope

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