The Rakion Ship is also an advanced base out-post city. (basically a Giant Ship like Akron that only one brigade of both nations can own). you can only enter this on the set time on the Town Center Tower near the color shop.

How to Win:

To win the Rakion, you must destroy the 'protector' and defend it from the other nation untill time runs out, the nation who has protected it at the end, win a box, with a random amount of kits in. and 300wp (Pretty much like Akron). the brigade who did the most damage to the protector, wins the area, and can now teleport inside.

Note to yourself: Akron is harder to attack since Mesos Floor is too big and defender can defend from inside tunnel. : full source reference

Rakion Battle is more like Castle siege battle with 1 side attack from inside and other defend from inside


How do i get into Rakion Ship?
You will find to tunnel in Mesos Floor, go into it and you entered Rakion. This tunnel is pretty small

My brigade did the most damage to the protector, why isnt it becoming ours?
The brigade leader must alt click on it, and activate it.

Credits: Greenguuu

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